We provide a wide range of funeral services to the general population that allows for a precise and dignified farewell to a departed loved one according to their preferences. This takes place in a harmonious environment, where peace and tranquility allow the best memories of our loved ones to transcend.

With the aim of assisting the families, Vida Eterna is guided by the social and solidarity values of cooperativism, maintaining a standard of quality and personalized services. Our primary goal is focused on customers’ service and their families’ to meet their specific needs.

Cemetery Rights Sale

Camposanto Vida Eterna is located in Pavones, an area, characterized by its scenic beauty and peaceful, silent atmosphere…

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Wake Rooms

We have wake rooms equipped with all the necessities that families require to spend the final moments with their loved…

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Funeral Services

At Vida Eterna, we offer both domestic and imported caskets with fine finishes, made from carefully selected woods…

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Concrete Niches and Opening Services

Committed to excellence and professionalism, at Vida Eterna, we offer complimentary services required for utilizing…

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Life Insurance Policies

Our new Life Insurance service in partnership with Memorial Int. and ADISA allows us to offer plans, in which you and your…

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Cremation Services

Cremation, or body incineration, is a service that has been gaining popularity in Costa Rica as an environmentally friendly…

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