Marvin Rolando was born in the humble and beautiful town of San Gerardo de Rivas in Pérez Zeledón. He was the ninth of eleven siblings. His parents were Don Rogelio Brenes Castillo (R.I.P.) and Doña Leovigilda Retana Garro. He attended primary school at San Gerardo School. At the age of 21, he migrated to the city of San Juan de Tibás, where he completed his high school education at Braulio Carrillo Colina Night School. His aspirations for self-improvement and his sense of service and dedication to others led him to study Nursing, first through CENDEISSS and then at the Santa Lucía University, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. His first significant job opportunity in this field was at La Católica Hospital, where he served as a Nursing Assistant. After accumulating significant experience in this field, he seized the opportunity, provided by the CCSS, to work as a nursing assistant at Rafael Ángel Calderón Guardia Hospital, where he worked for 20 years.

Marvin was a dreaming and a joyful child. From an early age, he was fearless and daring, with excellent skills in sports, especially soccer.  He became part of the district school team in Rivas,  Pérez Zeledón. Later, in his adolescence and youth, he turned to one of his great passions—music. He easily mastered guitar chords, learning empirically and without any tutoring, relying solely on his keen ear. In his youth, he joined the choirs of the Catholic Temple of San Gerardo, and later, the rondalla of Braulio Carrillo Colina School, where he graduated. His passion for music remained in his nostalgic heart throughout his life. He often fondly recalled the numerous serenades he gave in his hometown and neighboring villages.

In 1996, he got married in San Antonio de Desamparados, where he would spend most of his life. He was married for 22 years, and although it was always his great desire, he did not have any children. He did not enjoy the blessing of being a father. A year before his passing, various circumstances led him to end the marriage and opt for divorce, although he always believed in and defended lifelong marital relationships.

Marvin had a fulfilling life for most of his 51 years. He traveled extensively abroad, visited various countries and cities. He loved and clung to his beliefs and ideologies, which he staunchly defended. Passionate about sensitive topics in the country such as politics, soccer, and religion. His values instilled in him from childhood by his parents drove him to energetically discuss the moral principles of every good Christian. He was a staunch defender of union movements and firmly believed that this movement was the only one that could confront the corruption cancer the country was facing. His adventurous and dreamy spirit was cut short at some point in his life when he faced severe spinal problems due to the demanding work of caring for patients as a nursing assistant. He underwent surgery twice due to a devastating herniated disc. The second surgery was not as successful, so his health in the last years of his life was somewhat deplorable.

Marvin was unwavering in his beliefs. He always clung to his convictions and his family ties. His parents and siblings were always his priority. There was nothing in the world that he treasured more than his mother.

You were an excellent son, brother, husband, friend… You were light and joy. You were an angel for thousands of human beings whom you served with love and dedication.

Marvin, your departure left an enormous and profound void in our lives, but, on the other hand, you left an indelible and unforgettable mark. You set an example for a wonderful human being. You left a path of light and hope. Your legacy will be imprinted in our memories, and your essence and your memory will remain captive in our minds and hearts forever.

A kiss and a hug to the sky. We love you eternally, Marvin.



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