Neighbors in the Southern Zone Now Have Cremation Services
28 September, 2022Camposanto

Camposanto Vida Eterna inaugurated its new facilities in August to provide cremation services to the residents of both  Pérez Zeledón and other cantons in the Southern Zone.

This cooperative funeral services project now features a modern facility with a waiting room and crematorium. This allows for the reduction of funeral costs, environmental friendliness, and streamlining funeral processes.

A Crematorium with State-of-the-Art Technology and Manufacturer’s Support

Our cemetery now has state-of-the-art equipment that operates digitally and can be serviced from anywhere in the world, ensuring service quality.

The incinerator was manufactured in the United States by  Mathews, a global leader in cremation solutions.

The cost of cremation services will be around ₡800,000.

First Private Pathology and Morgue Laboratory in the Southern Zone

Along with the crematorium, the first private pathology and morgue laboratory in the entire southern zone has been built. Now there is a morgue with cooling equipment where families can ensure better preservation of the body.

As INFOCOOP stated, “The opening of Crematorio Vida Eterna, managed by Consorcio Cooperativo del Sur  (CONCOOSUR R.L.), responds to the needs and concerns of those who must face the loss of a family member or loved one.”

Contact us if you need our services, and we will assist you with professionalism and empathy. At Camposanto Vida Eterna, we provide the most comprehensive funeral services.

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